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Meet our team of dedicated professionals

Damien de Wit

I’m Damien de Wit, Owner of CrossFit Flamingo since October 2021. In 2017 I rolled into this sport for its scientific background and the fact it tackles so many ‘basic’ everyday functions. CrossFit makes your life just a lot easier. In the meantime I came to appreciate the whole community aspect around it the most. The getting fit on so many aspects is one thing and its great, but the people, the support and the friends
I made over the years – that’s priceless. CrossFit made me physically fit, but I became so much stronger and better on the mental aspect as well. Never underestimate that part of the benefits of fitness.

Favorite movement?
My strongsuit is on the conditioning and gymnastics side; I’m one of those crazy weirdo’s that loves Burpees. I also love Muscle-ups. Advanced skill, but the moment you nail your first one is something you’ll always remember. It just feels so good.

Least favorite movement?
I don’t dislike much about the sport. I’m not the strongest with Weights and I generally dislike things I’m not good at haha 😉 Pistol Squats for example. But, you gotta have something to work on to keep the fire burning!

Britt Persijn

Hey! I’m Coach Britt, also known as ‘Brittsi’ or ‘Brittski’ on the island 😉 In the Netherlands, I used to participate in Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of CrossFit—it’s a combination of weightlifting and gymnastics, you might say—but after trying it at the insistence of a friend, I was hooked! A year after starting CrossFit, I obtained my Level 1 certification and began coaching at CrossFit Flamingo.

What do I like about CrossFit?
What I love about CrossFit is that each workout is different; one WOD (Workout of the Day) is long, the next is short, one focuses on endurance, the other on strength, and so on.

Favorite movement?
My favorite movements are the snatch (yes, I’m one of those weird ones who enjoys that exercise) and the bar muscle up. In gymnastics, my favorite element was always the bridge, so naturally, that movement is one of my favorites too

Least favorite movement?
The least enjoyable exercise for me is running; cardio is not my strong suit.

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