Drop in


CrossFit is a global phenomenon and Bonaire is a global travel destination. We love having guest Athletes join us for workouts. You are welcome to join any of our regularly scheduled classes. Knowing that you are likely down here on vacation, we keep the Drop-In process simple:

1) Contact us (e.g. via +599 795 1407) or use the link above.

2) Show up on the Kaya Rotterdam 22, Kralendijk. Just behind the Boatyard on the coast.

3) Check in with one of our Coaches and complete the Drop-In fee.

4) Let’s go & Enjoy!

It’s that simple. We know you are here to have fun. We are just proud of you for taking some time out to train!

A one-off Drop in is $ 20.

If you’re truly ‘just passing through’ and need a spot to get your WOD on with an awesome group of people and the best sunset view, we’ve got you covered. You can get a great workout while you’re away from home. Heck, you could even spend the whole day hanging out with us if you’d like. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class if you’re dropping in. This will allow enough time to introduce yourself to the coach and community!

  • Weekly plans:

Are you on Bonaire, but not long enough for a monthly membership to make sense? A (multi-) weekly unlimited plan is the answer! You can get a great workout while you’re away from home, with unlimited access to all classes, open gym included.

1-Week Unlimited Holiday Plan: $ 70 (2 weeks $ 120, 1 month $ 149)